Welcome to the New Library Video Company Website!

Library Video Company

Library Video Company has selected Cerebellum Corporation to market, administer and maintain the extensive Library Video Company catalog of educational DVDs for schools and libraries. Our new website and print catalog continue to carry thousands of titles covering a diverse range of topics for all ages and grade levels. Each program has been carefully reviewed and selected for content that is appropriate for the classroom and public library setting.

Cerebellum Corporation

Cerebellum DVD programming includes the Standard Deviants, Kelso’s Choice, Sunburst Visual Media, Just The Facts, and Guidance Systems brands that cover core curriculum and guidance topics using on-screen graphics, young actors, and captivating scripts to engage students. Each title is written by an academic team comprised of professors from leading universities, including Yale, University of Virginia, George Washington University and Georgetown University, to name a few. Our flagship brand, Standard Deviants, teaches difficult core curriculum topics in a way that’s approachable, consumable, and fun. Our videos cut through the confusion with a clear and concise format, high-tech computer graphics, mnemonic devices, and a lot of creative demonstrations. The result is a product unlike any you've ever seen.